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  • Creating a Distribution Powerhouse: Why Rapid Deployment Matters
    Ask yourself this: what if your distribution center could not support changes in volume, product assortment or delivery timelines? How much would you lose in opportunity costs? As multi-channel businesses look to expand product and business lines quickly as a key competitive advantage, the speed to deploy a material handling solution becomes a critical success factor. Fast system deployment can be the difference between kicking the competition out of the water and limiting your growth. | PDF 565 KB
  • Tuning Up Your Distribution Center for Omni-Channel Growth
    Is your fulfillment center as ready as your digital site for OmniChannel Growth? Today's retailers know how important multi-channel growth is to retain tech savvy shoppers.  But, how does this rapid movement towards Omni-channel commerce impact the distribution and fulfillment side of the equation? | PDF 573 KB
  • Fulfillment 2.0: Tackling the Seven Critical Fulfillment Challenges of eCommerce
    Internet technology continues to evolve at such relentless speed that we all now carry a complete shopping mall in the mobile phones in our pockets.  What is now referred to as Web 2.0 has propelled online shopping at 18% annual growth to about $200B a year in North America, with similar numbers overseas.  What's needed to keep that growth going is a way to fulfill all those orders as fast and inexpensively as the web itself.  What's needed is Fulfillment 2.0 | PDF 460 KB
  • Using Distribution and Fulfillment as Strategic Weapons
    The best retailers and e-commerce companies carefully select and intelligently apply automation not only to boost productivity, but also to turn the DC into a competitive weapon. | PDF 412 KB
  • Kiva Systems Brochure - Defying the Laws of Fulfillment
    An overview of the Kiva solution which highlights components of the technology, and provides background on the value of system. | PDF 1.4 MB
  • Tech Brief - Kiva & WMS
    Kiva is a total fulfillment solution that incorporates hardware and software elements to perform replenishment, picking, and shipping sortation.  During implementation, the Kiva software is integrated with the client's enterprise systems, and typically the primary interface point is a warehouse management system. | PDF 640 KB
  • Analyst Briefing - "Warehouse Automation: How to Implement Tomorrow's Warehouse Today"
    The Aberdeen Group
    With increasing levels of uncertainty and the inability to predict supply and demand fluctuations because of global economic pressures, today's logistics executives find themselves scratching their heads in order to find balance in the supply chain. The first reaction may be to continue to tighten the belt to ride out the uncertainty and maintain as much status quo as possible.
    However, today's Best-in-Class executives are taking this as an opportunity to continue to attack inefficiencies inside the distribution center and identify area to improve performance in order to create agility and flexibility and drive value to the bottom-line. | PDF 561 KB