What's Cool?

Congratulations to our President and COO, 
Amy Villeneuve for making RoboHub's 25 women in robotics you need to know about

What's Interesting?


The Window: Robots at Work

Get a bots'-eye view of the "human exclusion zone" in a massive warehouse where an army of high-tech robots finds and fulfills up to 30,000 orders a day. Watch the video

The Window: Robot Economy

Follow a robot as it works its day job—transforming the world of e-commerce by hustling packages around the giant warehouses that propel the modern economy. New robot minions: Welcome to the team. Watch the video

Who We Are

Kiva Systems LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon.com.  At our core we are innovators and technologists.  We started a revolution in the material handling industry by thinking differently and applying technology to fulfillment operations.  We take ownership.  We invent and simplify.  We hire and develop the best people.  We insist on the highest standards.  We think big.  We have a bias for action.  We dive deep and we deliver results.


What We Do

Kivans write really good software that scales.   Kivans design complete solutions that deliver business value.  Kivans design robots, work stations and all kinds of innovative hardware.  Kivans manage a complex supply chain and build the robots and gear we design.  Kivans install our solutions quickly and efficiently.  Kivans support the solutions we deploy and ensure design performance is actual performance.  Kivans dream up new algorithms, hardware and processes that improve on what we did before.  We do lots of cool stuff and we have fun.